My passion for Real Estate began to heighten during my sophomore year at Western Michigan University, I was faced with the choice between making the leap to purchase my first home or to continue renting collegiate housing. I decided to purchase a single family fixer upper and become a Landlord at the age of 19. This initial leap was actually the beginnings of my Real Estate career. I began an apprenticeship with a successful Kalamazoo Realtor, and was advised that a career within the multi-faceted world of Real Estate would be an excellent path. The Enthusiasm, Love and Knowledge of this industry is what I became passionate for, and I was determined to peruse this passion. After graduating from WMU, I “Flipped” two properties and had successfully passed the Michigan Real Estate Licensing Exam at the age of 21.

As a real estate professional, I strive every day to diligently work for each of my clients, providing the highest level of customer service, individualized attention, and thorough knowledge of the Michigan Real estate market. Maintaining the utmost levels of integrity, confidentiality, and respect.

In 2013, I transferred my license to Brooks Real Estate Group, which enabled me to broaden my Real Estate horizons covering areas from Grand Rapids to Traverse City to Novi. Under this particular brokerage, I had the opportunity to capitalize on industry knowledge and expand my leanings to encompass areas such as: REO’s,   developing Bank Relationships and broadened knowledge of the Financial Industry as a whole.

In November 2014, an unforeseeable opportunity was presented; to develop and grow my own Real Estate Brokerage. The thought of developing my own brokerage was always a goal; however a goal set two/ three years in the future. Deciding to move forward with the opportunity placed me in the position of ownership, which inevitably placed me on the platform of REALTOR Development, developing company Culture and infrastructure. Having been blessed with an incredible group of NEW agents the start of BRYANT| Real Estate Group, was born. We actually doubled our year end projections. Solidifying the decision and amplifying the vision of developing a brokerage.

The world of real estate continues to change and is very different now in comparison to 2005. With the drastic cyclical nature of Real Estate, agents must be aware of the common threads that can influence the Industry. Developing our agent base is more than just filling an office chair. It is strategically evolving individuals to escalate to the next level. Bryant| Real Estate Group has access to cutting edge marketing tools, and utilizes them daily to benefit our clients. As a collective group we work meticulously to hone our craft and to be a benefit to our Industry as well as our community. Developing and maintaining essential connections within the marketplace while working diligently with local business owners to enhance our outreach in an organic fashion.

In 2014 my wife and I were blessed with twin boys, with this change came a change of thought process, goal setting and overall spirituality. As a company BRYANT| Real Estate Group has always been focused on giving back within our community. As our organization continued to grow in volume and size we noticed that the impact we could be initiating within our local communities was being looked over. Instead of relaying our marketing dollars towards auxiliary lead sources, which have no local impact, let’s shift our marketing monies to benefit local community. For our organization that looked like our SUNDAY DINNER| initiatives program. This program gave each agent the ability to contribute 10{5f408b668e6d6fe4871c93fe7ffaffbcfef40631821b1d949376dfc5e462d7fa} of their commissions directly to a passion that drives there particular client. This Movement went so well that as a company the SUNDAY DINNER| Initiatives raised over $11,000 our first year. When that year came to a close the decision was made to focus our business entirely on the impacting of communities. SUNDAY DINNER, a real estate company; was launched on May 16, 2016 and we look forward to the benefitting our community exponentially.

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