Real Estate has always been a passion of mine! My parents flipped about fifty houses during my childhood. From as young as I can remember, my siblings and I were always helping. We learned the processes and got our hands dirty. It was always fun to transform a home and compare the before and after photos. I flipped my first house while I was still in college. That old farm house needed everything, and I did it all by myself! It took over two years to complete the project, which included home & barn renovation, splitting the land and selling parcels, as well as acres of landscaping. Today, I continue to do this with my husband and our three children. We have/had several rental properties in surrounding Grand Rapids areas. I have enjoyed all aspects of the business. I have had my Real Estate License for thirteen years. I now look forward to helping others with their Real Estate endeavors, whether they are looking to flip, obtain an income property, buy, or sell. I will also donate a minimum of $100 (up to $300) to the charity of choice for referrals that close and to my seller’s choice of charity upon closing. I look forward to working hard for you!

I am a strong believer of engaging with community. I have been a volunteer for as long as I can remember with various organizations, primarily Rockford Public Schools and Our Lady of Consolation. I have also been a part of a small team of moms that advocates involving children in projects that teach them the importance of giving. With the help of several classrooms of children, we have organized packing bags with much-needed winter items and school supplies for Caesar Chavez Elementary School and for a school in Colombia. Teaching kids the importance of giving teaches them the values of charity.

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