Community. Real Estate. The Movement.

We, at Sunday Dinner, a real estate company, value the communities that we live in and the communities where we grew up. We are a community-focused, community-driven group of realtors who believe that making a positive impact in our community begins with giving back to our LOCAL neighborhoods and schools. That’s why we have developed S.T.A.Y. through our Sunday Dinner Initiatives.

Contact us to learn more about our S.T.A.Y. initiative. We would like nothing more than to help assist you along your life change of home ownership, no matter what phase you’re in. Allow us the opportunity to give back, and together we’ll positively impact children, youth, and teachers.

Sunday Dinner Scholarship Fund

The Sunday Dinner Scholarship Fund will allow Sunday Dinner, a real estate company, to assist senior level attendees at Innovation High that are participating in the entrepreneurship and business program. This scholarship will assist eligible students towards their first year of college at Grand Rapids Community College. This initiative is funded by the contributions of Sunday Dinner, a real estate company’s agents.

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